What you need to keep in mind while selecting a Diamond Engagement Ring for HER

They say that diamonds are forever. And the extreme mining and processing that a piece of carbon undergoes to turn into a sparkling diamond, from a black lump of coal to a dazzling, refractive piece of sheer brilliance, makes it all the more special.

Diamonds have been objects of adornment since times immemorial. While the mining fields are located in Africa amongst other regions in the world, high prices are set for diamonds of different qualities and processing times. From earrings to amulets, necklaces, engagement and wedding rings, diamonds have dominated the jewellery world and have been important markers for special occasions.

You could gift someone a diamond ornament as a mark of affection or buy one for yourself to mark a special achievement or an occasion. People all over the world have anyway gone crazy over a diamond solitaire and have proposed to their significant others using these very rings at iconic locations worldwide.

Diamond Engagement Rings

From music to media, Diamond rings have dominated every sphere of our lives and have been important markers of our life’s milestones. But choosing the ideal Diamond Engagement Ring is essential. Here’s why.

Diamonds are not just shiny embellishments…

Diamonds are not mere sparkling stones. They are geometrically intricate, variably shaped and have different refractive indices as per the way they are cut and shaped. Some diamonds are round while some are square and likewise.

Amongst the famous diamond shapes, the princess cut, round cut and the Marquise Cut seem to be the most sought after.

There are different facets in diamonds according to their shapes. For example, the round cut has 58 facets while the princess cut has around 49 to 58 facets. Facets are an integral part of a diamond ring as their orientation, and conformation will determine its brilliance and refractive index. The better shaped and positioned the facets, the shinier will be your diamond engagement ring.

From the symmetry, to the size as well as the depth, everything needs to be considered in terms of a diamond facet.

The ring design is equally crucial…

You may have chosen the perfectly faceted and cut diamond but choosing an ideal ring design is important too. From the metal surrounding the diamond to the design of this metal framework, everything needs to be decided in accordance to the person’s tastes and preferences as well as your budget and utility.

Engagement rings surely have a greater utility than the rings used for other purposes as they will be worn for much longer time intervals. There are various ring settings including a preset ring, a ring with a halo, accompanied gemstones with the diamond in the center of the ring, or a solitaire.

Also, choosing the metal is essential. While this decision depends on your utility, budget as well as the skin tone of the person wearing the ring, other factors include durability. Gold rings are the most economical and certain varieties of gold go on specific skin tones, yellow gold suits warm tones, white gold/platinum for suits cooler tones, and rose gold works well on all skin tones.

But platinum is the most durable metals ever and if your engagement ring criteria include a more durable and long lasting yet expensive choice, you should really go for it.

Keep these criteria in mind for choosing the ideal engagement ring and you will be able to make the perfect choice for your fiancé!

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